Time and Space (2010)

A meditation into the dark spaces of physiological time, where the residue of a traumatic event has become an unresolved force that drives dysfunctional actions in the personal present.

The essential elements of water, fire, earth, light, air and space thread though the work taking the viewer from the arena of the personal to explore the universal. The continuity of running water alludes to the seemingly unrestrainable movement of mind.

Narrative tension permeates these images focusing on one moment, which is suspended in anticipation of the next moment, which remain ultimately unknown.
It’s in this space of ambiguity that like the fears of the mind, the boundary between what is real and imaginary becomes unclear. Like nightmare scenes which roam the unconscious, material which escapes repression comes to a crisis point.

  • One(2010)
  • Three(2010)
  • Two(2010)
  • Four(2010)